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Nursing Schools in Delaware

March 16th, 2022

If you’ve made the decision to become a nurse, nursing Schools in Delaware will help you achieve your goal. Programs in Delaware are designed to prepare students to sit for the NCLEX exam – the exam which measures the competency of graduates to assure they are ready to practice at an entry level in health care facilities. There are several types of programs, just take time to research as many programs as you can before enrolling in one.

Nurses are an integral part of the healthcare team, they follow orders of physicians for the care of patients. They assess patients, administer medications and change surgical dressings. Many specialize in a particular area and become experts in their field.

Prerequisites First

Chances are you’ll have to complete prerequisite classes before enrolling in a program. Inquire about these classes as soon as you’ve decided which program you want to enroll in. Many prerequisite classes can be taken online during the summer before fall classes start. Prerequisite classes include chemistry, biology and algebra.

Which Degree do you want to attain?

There are several levels of degrees you can study for. The type of job you want to work at determines the type of degree you’ll need. If you want to work as a staff nurse in a healthcare facility, you can choose to attain a Licensed Practical or an Associates of Science Degree. If your goal is to teach at a 2-year community college, you’ll need a minimum of a Bachelor of Science Degree. Students who want to work at a practitioner’s level will have to attain a Master’s of Science degree. If your plans are to enter research studies or to teach in Universities as a professor, you’ll need to continue your education at the Doctorate or PhD level.

Programs in Delaware

Delaware Technical Community offers a 1-yearLPN program and a 2-year Associate in Science in Program. Both programs prepare students to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

University of Delaware; College of Health Sciences; School of Nursing; offers a traditional Bachelor of Science program; an accelerated nursing program for students who have a Bachelor Degree in a field other than nursing and an RN to BSN program for RNs who want to attain a BSN degree. This University also offers graduate study programs: Masters of Science and PhD or Doctor of Philosophy of studies: Web address: